Hakone 大涌谷 - Owakudani Sky Restaurant

Monday, December 14, 2009 Posted by YY on 8:14 AM

This was one of the main highlights in the Hakone day trip, Japanese Curry for lunch at Owakudani. K's friend, Mike told us that this is the best curry he has ever tasted and we MUST visit it when we get to Hakone.

As the cable car landed in Owakudani, we scrambled out of the cabin and started our search for lunch. It was really cooling at 1044m above sea level =)

Inside this stopover station @ Owakudani, there is a secluded lift that takes you to the Sky Restaurant.

One important tip when visiting touristy places: Always beat the main lunch crowd.
We arrived at 11:30am or so and were seated almost immediately, this was quite unexpected because we had queued for at least 10mins for the railway/cable car rides. Hakone is experiencing large crowds even on a Monday o.O

As part of Odakyu Anniversary, we were given a booklet with some discount coupons. There's K trying to be uncle by tearing out this discount 10% for overall bill coupon.

Hakone Beer? Interesting~let's order.

K's set, Owakudani Katsu curry, with a slab of pork katsu and comes with a black sulphur egg.

My beef curry rice set, Owakudani Curry.
The curry served here is actually abit sweet and addictive with every bite. By sweet, I mean the kind of sweetness you experience when you eat raisins.

O.o The inside of the black sulphur egg is actually white *haha*

Half boiled egg with semi runny egg yolk combined with curry? I am beyond words when I tasted the smooth and creamy texture of this mixture.

We finished every single grain of rice and curry sauce.

Total bill came up to 3250yen which was expensive when comparing the cost with an average lunch like ramen, but hey this is your tourist spot restaurant serving quality Japanese curry so its still worth every penny *slurp*


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