Planning the Tokyo Trip - Airline Options

Monday, September 14, 2009 Posted by YY on 10:30 PM

1. Air Tickets

We took the NWA offer, GV2 for $490 per person to Tokyo (14days travel restriction). Actually, we were taking a gamble when we took up the NWA offer because NWA had countless bad reviews online.

To our surprise, it was pretty good when we boarded the flight(A330) because it had ample leg space, which was essential for the 7hr flight from SG -> Tokyo. Food wise, it was decent meaning it was edible. The service was not too bad, except the stewardess got impatient when I was thinking about my drink order *haha*

But if you have a choice, I will recommend that you consider the following options instead:

I have not tried this yet but if you are interested in travelling to other parts of Japan, you can consider taking ANA's offer which offers better prices if you book early enough e.g. 45 days before travel date:

If you did not take ANA flight to Japan:

If you took ANA / Star Alliance Carriers Group, you can get the air pass at a slightly better price:


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