Harajuku/Omotesando - Mai Sen (Pork Katsu Specialist)

Saturday, November 14, 2009 Posted by YY on 4:46 AM

I got mesmerised by a Pork Katsu Sandwich picture I saw on a blog and I knew its my destiny..I MUST TRY IT!

Maisen has a number of restaurants and outlets in major shopping centres selling their pork katsu products but what can be more fresh and piping hot than eating at the main restaurant itself? It was a humid and sunny day which was pretty rare although its mid summer season.

We were supposed to shop at Harajuku, have lunch at Maisen and attend Tokyo Bay fireworks in the evening. Holding the google map in our hands, K and I trudged through the huge crowd at Takeshita Dori(from Harajuku Station) then walked upslope for at least 15mins and FINALLY we arrived at Maisen.

It was pretty strange to us that a restaurant of this scale was located in such a "ulu place".

A waitress led us in to the main hall, by then we were wet with perspiration. We took a look around the restaurant and thought the crowd was so~so, about 60% filled.

We placed our orders, my Pork Katsu Sandwich and K ordered a Katsudon set. A photo must be taken because we finally made it here after some 20mins of upslope walking *omg*

Some of the seasonings to go with the pork katsu.

Then we were served this small bowl of radish and bonito flakes. We took it as an appetiser and it was really cooling and refreshing for this weather. *Later I read that this radish was supposed to accompany your pork katsu sauce but oops we didn't know*

After 15mins later, my Pork Katsu Sandwich came together with an apple salad. 895yen for the sandwich is pretty pricey, considering this is just a sandwich.

Close up~ The pork katsu was juicy and soft with no fats. A thin layer of plum sauce was spread onto both sides of the bread which was just enough to give it a nice tangy flavour, without soaking the bread.

And K's katsudon Set(1420 yen) came as well with a salad, miso soup.

Close up~

Pardon for the bad picture, this scoop was Yuzi ice cream was served at the end of the meal *presumably this came from K's set. After the meal, we sat there for the next 10mins chit chatting.

Little did we know, that a long queue was forming at the reception area >_<" Phew~ we managed to beat the lunch crowd by arriving slightly before 12noon.


Click here for other Maisen restaurant locations

The one we went to:

住所 渋谷区神宮前4-8-5
電話 0120-428-485 (10:30~22:00)
アクセス 地下鉄「表参道」駅 A2出口より徒歩3分
営業時間 11:00~22:45(LO/22:00)

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[How to get there]

We went by a long way cos we went to Harajuku first and walked upslope via Takeshita Dori.
If you are going to Maisen via Harajuku JR Station, you can try taking a long walk like us for 15mins.

First, walk through Takeshita Dori. Walk all the way straight, up the slope until you hit this stone wall.

Then turn to your left(facing the wall) and continue to walk upslope for about 10mins *not into the residential area*.

Turn right only when you see this 7-11, else you are lost *seriously*
When K and I walked for about 10mins under the hot sun, he told me that if there is no 7-11 when we turn right at the next junction..GG~

Walk along the street and you will see Maisen's signboard on the lamp post.


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