Tsukiji - Appetizer before lunch

Saturday, November 14, 2009 Posted by YY on 2:42 AM

On the way to the Tsukiji fish market, there are a shops selling vegetable, food and even pizza. You'll get to see the below lane on your right after you enter the fish market and the lane leads to the main eatery shops and knife shops in the fish market.

Just before we went outside of the fish market for our lunch, we chanced upon this small shop selling mainly tempura. In the shop, the main customers are the workers who will go there for a quick bite before resuming their busy schedule. (Well, there aren't any customers in the pictures as it is already pass their meal time...-_-)

We decided to try some of the stuffs here as something caught K's eyes. Something that he had been searching for ever since he landed in Japan: deep fried eel (bottom right picture). Although the eel is anago (congor eel) and not unagi, it is good enough.

We placed an order for the anago fry and hotate (scallop) fry. The anago came about 10min later, with the oil still bubbling on the surface of the fish!

Inside of the anago. Soft, juicy, and sweet. VERY fresh and delicious. NOM NOM~~
The texture was slightly chewy yet tender and the batter was evenly coated.

Next came the hotate fry. One big scallop divided into 2 slices and deep fried to perfection.

The inside of the scallop. Cooked perfectly and thus the sweetness, tenderness and the juiciness of the scallop is retained. *Drools all over again*

Although the price is a bit steep, we were willing to pay for them due to the quality and taste of the items. Very good appetizers to open up our appetite before our main lunch. =D

Hotate fry : 1050 yen
Anago : 1250 yen


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