Tsukiji Fish Market - Lunch at Tsukiji Ya

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Posted by YY on 8:42 AM

This post is written by K mainly =D

Time to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market! K made a very stupid mistake to change the train at Tokyo station as we have to walk a VERY long distance before reaching the next train station entrance as a change in rail line is required. This way was more expensive too! RAWR~~We could have actually changed the train at Ueno station, which was only a few stops away from Ikebukuro. -_- Well, this is a lesson learnt.

We arrived at the station and saw a lot of food stalls outside the market but was too early for food so we decided to visit the market first. Bonito smell lingered in the air as we were walking towards the market. Finally we arrived in the market after some stops along the way to look at the food stalls. But since we reached not that early, the place is already closing for the day but it was still busy with activities. So busy and dangerous with vehicles moving all around that we decided to go for lunch instead.

All the shops in the market were having a long queue (maybe from all the recommendations from the tourist books) that we decided to just find a shop outside the market for a bite.

All shops were quite expensive until one shop gave us a pamphlet that showed a sushi set for an affordable price. Shop name is Tsukiji Ya, which means "A shop of Tsukiji"....well.....not a very innovative name...
When we went inside, the place is almost empty except for a couple. "Are we about to be scammed???" was in K's mind.

K ordered the sushi set which was on a special price to thank all customers for their support. K then spotted that this shop is also selling the braised kin me tai, so I decided to have that as I was not very hungry.

K's set, which came after about 10 min. Look at the quantity of sushi for only 2,100 yen!
K said that the seafood were very fresh and the set consists of expensive stuffs like scallop, sea urchin and tuna belly. Definitely worth the 2,100 yen.

Next came the braised kin me tai at 1000yen. Looks normal, like a plate of steamed fish. But wait....

Look at its eyeball...how big is it?

Below is a comparison picture between the eyeball and K's thumb. NOW you know how big the eyeball and the fish head is. O.O

See the size of the eye socket. GIGANTIC.

The braised fish is cooked slightly sweet and the meat was a bit tougher than we thought it will be, maybe due to the size of the fish and slightly overcooked but we find it quite nice. K loved the eye especially.

Aftermath of the fish. NOTHING is wasted.

We were each given a bowl of miso soup which was cooked with prawn heads, giving the soup some prawn taste, which made it more delicious.

The restaurant is managed by 2 chefs and by the time we left, the whole place was full house. Did K think that we were scammed after all? Not at all~ =D

Quite far from the bidding area.

2100yen for the sushi set
1000 yen for Kinme Tai


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